Matt Clifford on Spearheading the International AI Safety Summit

Matt Clifford AI Summit
Matt Clifford and Jonathan Black will serve as Prime Minister’s Representatives for the UK’s upcoming AI Safety Summit.

Matt Clifford said “AI is going to be the transformational technology of our lifetimes.

I’m Matt Clifford and I’m one of the prime minister’s representatives for the AI safety Summit. Hosting the AI Safety Summit in the UK is an extraordinary opportunity for our country to demonstrate Global Leadership on this crucial issue. AI safety presents a series of really complex technical and social challenges.

The potential positive benefits of AI are endless. You can imagine a world where AI helps us cure disease, boost economic growth and transform nearly every aspect of our lives.

AI is a global technology, it’s been developed in many different countries around the world by many different companies.

We can’t come up with all the answers ourselves, nor can we simply make rules that only apply here. If we want AI to be safe and capture all its benefits, we need to collaborate with International Partners around the world”.

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